A friend and I have just taken a Deva card for the election results. The Devas aren’t particularly interested in elections, as far as I know, although this one could have important results for humanity.

The cards were interesting, though pretty ambiguous. I drew the Plant and Vegetation Deva, which is a very beautiful being that offers gifts, but the card was reversed.


I read that as the election will be a gift but (in true Devic manner) it will be double-edged.

My friend drew The Moon, which is all about the unconscious, often with some dark trickster energy to the fore.


I’d say you could predict either outcome from these cards – whoever gets in, it’s liable to be a double-edged gift. Hilary, because whatever she says, she’s still a dark horse and who knows what will come of her desire to enforce no-fly zones over Syria. And Trump because he’s quite the most repulsive politician we’ve been offered for a very long time (if not for ever), but perhaps this disturbing reflection of our psyche is what’s needed at the moment? In terms of The Moon – well, Trump is a trickster and his unconscious motivations are … pretty dark. I’m not sure about Clinton, but the Moon somehow covers the whole tax evasion / email / FBI shenanigans.

Either way, most people I’ve spoken to are pretty despondent about these elections. I can’t believe that these two are the best that the US can offer. It’s a hell of an indictment for a country that sees itself as the most powerful on earth.