Looking at all the comments on this blog (and trashing most of them), I’m amazed that so many people seem to have so much time that they spend hours offering comments – some relevant, some apparently writing about other people’s decks or having cosy little chats with their mates. I thought Facebook was the venue for that. If you are one of the people whose comments have been trashed, please be aware that there is a life out there – if you have some relevant comments, I’ll be happy to read them. If not, have your chats elsewhere.

I thought I would ask the Tarot for its thoughts on this, and drew the Sun reversed, and the Seven of Swords. The Sun is a beautiful optimistic image, but reversed it is about not seeing the light, about negativity and missing the point of life. I’d agree with that. The Seven of Swords also shows a huge sun, though it’s green. Here it’s about strategy and cunning – finding yourself in a completely alien landscape and wondering what you can do in a world with a green sun. So, either get a life or (if it’s talking to me), finding a strategy to deal with the dodos who have nothing better to do than irritate me. The strategy is, I guess, get the tarot to comment on the dodos. And as the Tarot is quite direct, some of the dodos may find they don’t like the comments. Hey-ho.