And what you may ask does this have to do with tarot? The answer, not much – apart from the fact that the tarot, angels, and the devas all come from the Otherworld.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned the devas before in this blog. Perhaps not, being slightly too literal for my own good. What I’m sure of is that I would have mentioned the first time I encountered the Otherworld, because that was my personal call from the Tarot. I’d bought a couple of decks but couldn’t work with them, I’d even designed a (not particularly good deck) based on medieval designs; but this night I was watching tarot and doodling. When I looked down, I saw I’d drawn the Fool. This Fool, though, was different to any I’d seen before. I could see by his eyes that he was off-the-wall crazy, and yet I found him utterly compelling. I could smell the herbs and spices in the land behind him, feel the heat of the sun, hear the harsh caws of the birds flying above. It was an unmistakeable call into his world, the Otherworld – the world I’ve seen in pools and dreams. So I followed him, and painted another tarot deck, and still am still working with it forty years later.

But my journeys to the Otherworld didn’t stop there. In 2002 my life changed radically as I finally moved out of 9-5 office work and into the unknown. I went to a talk on angels (something I would not normally do, as the American version of angels gives me an acute pain), but the talk resulted in the decision to paint a deck of angels as they really are – energies that would have you shaking for a week in awe and wonderment. I started painting. And, a couple of days later, at a druid camp, the Chief of the druid order gave me the publishing contacts I needed to get my tarot published. A month later it had been accepted for publication, and 18 months later it was published.

The angelic energies developed into a deck of 72 powerful images, thirty-six pure energies and thirty-six manifested, i.e. physicalized energies, if that is a word. I called them Devas, as they felt much more primordial than angels, and the earliest numinous energies we know about are the gods identified as Devas in Sanskrit writings – Siva, Krishna, Vayu.

As I got to know the Devas I’d ‘brought through’, they began to teach me. They are not ‘tame’ energies, they can destroy just as much as create, but they are true. The more I work with them, the more I learn about them, and the faster the manifestation they offer. On Wednesday night I realised I needed to find a new community for myself. Almost immediately I remembered seeing a poster for a theatre group (Playback Theatre) working with the idea of community, and at the performance I found exactly what I was looking for. Did the Devas send the information into my head? Well, something did!)

So thinking about sharing how awesome these beings are, another reader and I have formulated a new workshop, on Channeling Angels and Devas. It will be held on July 11th in London. If you’re interested, get in touch … I have inserted the poster though you’ll need to download it in order to read it.

deva channeling course