The Byzantine Tarot has been published about three years now, so it was with real pleasure that I found myself contacted recently by a Tarot reader in Turkey, Sedefhan Soylu. She and her brother, a Turkish film-maker, wanted to use images from the Majors for their play, which will be premiered in September.

They knew exactly which images they wanted so I uploaded them – a very time-consuming process as I was using high-quality scans – and a few days later some photos came through to show what the images looked like on the stage. Now everyone wants to know what the play is about! So watch this space – I’ll tell you when I know.


turkish set

The images you can see here are Sophia, the High Priestess; below it is Death; in the centre above the cross is the Wheel, and then the Patriarch (Hierophant), and below that is The Tower. The play is ‘1806 LAVEYN’.