I have drawn some cards to look at the outcome of the US election in two days’ time, though unfortunately it doesn’t look too hopeful – every card I’ve drawn is reversed.

The card for Mitt Romney is the Star (reversed); Obama gets the Ten of Cups (ditto), and when in desperation I asked well, who will be the president in the end, I got the King of Discs reversed.

I can’t say this makes me optimistic for the outcome: it certainly looks like America’s love affair with Obama is over, though I don’t need a crystal ball (or whatever) to tell me that.
TenCups reversed

Romney’s card is a Major Arcana, and is usually read as hope renewed after the trials and tribulations of life. But reversed it’s more about fading hope, the need for a new perspective and (I like this bit) unresolved pain disguised as arrogance or pessimism.

And what to make of the last card, the Presidential outcome – The King of Discs reversed?

King Discs Reversed

I’d say it looks like a hung vote which will need to go to a final recount – as happened with George W Bush and Al Gore and, given that the outcome is the King of Discs as opposed to, say, the King of Wands or Swords, it looks like Romney will get it. The reversal then indicates that it’s not a particularly great outcome. The King of Discs upside down is a businessman (i.e. Republican), obstinate, arrogant, insensitive, who considers his tactlessness ‘plain speaking’. He can be dull, greedy and inconsiderate, manipulative and controlling.

So unfortunately it looks like we’re going to return to an America with a dodo for president. The only consolation is that there are so many checks and balances on a bad president that he doesn’t get too many options to show his true colours. But our experience with Bush and, probably now with Romney, indicates that the Americans still tend to believe in pie-in-the-sky: Obama has done a huge amount quietly, taking risks when necessary but being cautious when he needed to be. Unfortunately he isn’t someone who enjoys talking himself up, and the GOP is very good at talking him down. All in all, if my interpretation of the cards is right, it’s a win for style over substance.


7th November 2012

Well, all I can say is thank god my interpretation was wrong!!!