Doubt and trust: back-up from the universe

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When I have difficult readings I often question whether (as all the sceptics say) this is complete happenchance. How can 78 scrappy pieces of card give valid answers to the really vital questions of life?

Well, today I’ve just done an email reading for someone who wanted to know if he had chosen the right site for a spiritual centre. To my surprise the cards drawn were all reversed – the Seven of Rods (Wands), Page of Swords, and The Tower. If they’d been the right way up it would have been acceptable (though The Tower would still have indicated that the idea would eventually fall apart); as it was, I interpreted it that it was not the right site, probably because he was thinking too small – playing it safe, following what made sense rather than what he dreamed.

The idea of expansion reminded me of the Jupiter card in my Devas of Creation deck, so I drew a card from it. To my amazement and delight, this was exactly the card which appeared.

(Jupiter, from the Devas of Creation)

This happens again and again, but usually I don’t make a note of it. This time I decided to record it.

So, why belabour the point? Well, after 40 years reading tarot I’ve been given hundreds of instances of the synchronicities (or coincidences, if you’re a sceptic [not that you’d be reading this article if you are, of course]) that happen with the cards – but I’m still sceptical! However, the synchronicities are doubled if I use both tarot and oracle decks, and that tells me it’s not just blind chance, there is a purposefulness and a consciousness that permeates the universe. It gives me a sense of the connection and meaning behind everything.

Tarot workshop

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Following their successful Foundations of Tarot last year, Hilde Liesens and Cilla Conway are running A Journey through the Major Arcana on the 21st August 2010. They will look at the origins, myths, history and lore of the tarot, while guided visualisations allow you to vividly experience the myths and archetypes of the Major Arcana as an initiatory journey through life. Practical demonstrations, exercises, and experiential practice will demonstrate how you can start to read the Tarot for wise guidance and insight into life’s challenges. People are always astonished at how accurate their tarot reading can be, using these methods.

The second workshop, on the Minor Arcana, will be held in September, allowing you to practice and get to know the cards. Then, using elemental correspondences, numerology, and the traditional meanings, Hilde and Cilla will offer practical methods to familiarise yourself with readings, spreads, reversals etc. Exercises and story-telling, drama and role play will enable you to read well without having to learn the meanings by rote.

Venue: Atlantis Bookshop, 49a Museum St., London WC1 (nearest tube Holborn or Totterham Court Road)

Date: 21st August 2010

Time: 10.30 for 11 a.m. – 5.30 a.m. with breaks for lunch and tea (biscuits, coffee and tea provided)

Cost: £50 for each workshop, £90 for both if paid in advance

To book: Atlantis Bookshop – 020 7405 2120


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The underlying message of all oracles:

‘We will now show you a little part of its divine intention, a part that pertains directly to you. Be assured that you are not alone. You belong to the Matrix that holds and beholds us all.’

So, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, the message is that the universe is both intelligent and purposeful.

Taken from ‘When Oracles Speak‘ – Diane Skafte