This very early fresco by Agostino da Vaprio (born around 1457, possibly in Pavia) shows five obviously well-born (and slightly overdressed) members of the nobility playing Tarocchi, an early card game. The shape and size of these cards show them to be tarot cards (though whether they included what we called the Majors or not is an open question). The first written rules of Tarocchi appear in a manuscript written by Martiano da Tortona well before 1425 (we know cards had appeared by 1377, as a sermon was preached against them in Bern that year).
The original painting is quite large, as shown below:

According to Tarot Passages, this fresco is at the Palazzo Borromeo in Milan. It was shown in the catalogue accompanying an exhibit of early Tarot art in 1999 at the Pinacoteca di Brera museum in Milan. There is also a reproduction in the Encyclopaedia of Tarot II (Stuart Kaplan), with a few changes – for instance, there are cards on the table in the version shown in the Encyclopaedia.
I have recently produced an egg-tempera version using animal hide as a base. I’ve used the more familiar aspect of the painting, focusing on the players and omitting the background. This is not complete, I hasten to add – I’ll repost once it’s finished.