I thought I might add a page where we can feature resources that we come across that appear useful or entertaining.

One of the best sites around on tarot specifically is http://www.aeclectic.net.  If you want to compare decks or review reviews, join a forum of knowledgeable enthusiasts, get a free reading, or learn the basics of tarot, Aeclectic is a must.

Another (American) site that reviews decks is http://www.tarotpassages.com/, a genuine site not dedicated to selling (as too many of them are).

I’ve already mentioned http://www.students-of-tarot.com, which features free readings using a large selection of decks (see under Tarot Online), but it is such an excellent resource and the readings are so good, that I can’t give it enough praise. Some people find it a bit confusing at the beginning, but persevere and you’ll find it well worth the effort!

The best tarot organizations in the UK are Tarot Professionals, Tarot Association of the British Isles, Kim Arnold’s Psychic Cafe and a new monthly tarot meet-up in London run by members of Taroscopy (Tarot Professionals). I’ll post the latest meeting for the latter when I have the details, but the benefit of this one is that it is for learners and experienced readers, as well as prospective clients. As long as you turn up, you can have a reading free. If you are still learning, there are a number of professionals on hand to talk to.

Tarotpuu is the site of a Finnish friend of mine. He is exceptionally well-informed and a real enthusiast.

A site I have come across recently was developed by a chap called Robert with a selection of fun tests as to whether you have psychic powers or not. How accurate they are I cannot say, but I was entertained for awhile, so here it is: http://www.psychic-test.co.cc/

Robert describes his site as follows: Take the psychic test and see if you have psychic tendencies. Continue reading as there are tips on how to develop your abilities!