Having painted The Intuitive Tarot between 1973 and 1981 it is, naturally enough, my favourite. I always use it for readings except at medieval fayres, where I use Kat Black’s Golden Tarot. The IT is a deck for the discerning – it doesn’t appeal to everyone, nor would I want it to. I use it in this blog because, for a start, I own the copyright, but also because the illustrations enable me to describe the card meanings more clearly. As I started using them, the interpretations often changed with the individual client, and over the years layers of meaning were added. Because I journeyed into the archetypal realms as I painted each card – and again when I wrote the book to accompany the deck – the cards became my inner reality, and my spiritual journey. I have experienced each of the Major Arcana, though I’m still working on The World, and unfortunately will probably never have the courage to surrender completely to The Moon!

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