My name is Cilla Conway and this is my blog.

Born in Holland and brought up in Zimbabwe, I always wanted to be an artist (from as early as the age of four, I seem to recall!). In 2016 I moved to north-west Tuscany in a province called Lunigiana, which is stunningly beautiful.


I moved to Britain in 1971 around which time I discovered the tarot and eventually produced my own deck, which was published in 2004 by Connections Publishing (London) as The Intuitive Tarot. The deck is currently out of print, unfortunately … but emails to Eddison Books London ( might reach them – I can’t see a proper email address on the www. Or email me and I’ll pass them on, as I am campaigning to get them reprinted.

In 2002 I created another deck of oracle cards entitled The Devas of Creation, which depicts the unseen energies that underpin our universe. That has since been published, and is available at This was followed ten years later by The Byzantine Tarot, published by Eddison Books, London, in 2014.

My main interests are art and spiritual self-development through art and creativity, with a particular fascination for the connection of art to healing and the Otherworlds. I have studied hermetics, druiddry, and psychology. Now in Italy, I am painting, doing a few tarot and deva readings, and recording clips on YouTube for people who wish to connect with the Devas.

Likes: art (obviously), books, the earth, good food, mead, computers when they work, and people who think for themselves, especially if they have a sense of humour.

Dislikes: hypocrisy, greed, stupidity, lies, big business, and politics.

I am particularly keen to hear from anyone who reads my blog and likes it. Indeed, even if you dislike it I would be keen to hear (I might not agree with you but I would still be keen to hear your point of view). My email is: